My name is Will Veic, and I co-owned 2018. TechStars startup where I worked on Machine Learning algorithms that predicted sales amount and products in the food and beverage industry with 90% accuracy.

Compared to that SEO is nothing.


What I wasn’t doing back then was SEO and that is precisely the reason this startup eventually failed.

Because the main startup problem was that not enough people knew about us. And since we were bootstrapping, we didn’t really have the budget for ads.

But if I knew back then what I know now, we would certainly be getting some serious eyeballs on our product.

And this startup would eventually become successful.


I realized that with a constant free flow of potential customers you can always iterate and test your product – for free.

You can pivot for free.

You can always try out new things and if they don’t work you can test something else tomorrow.

Because there is always tomorrow and there are always new potential customers coming to your website.


One of the last things that startups think about is building their free traffic source using SEO.

Maybe they publish a couple of blog posts just to “try it out” but they get zero results and claim SEO doesn’t work.

They are certainly not using the methods I’ve described in this SEO book.


You see… as a startup you can always run out of money.

Maybe you even have to downscale.


…as long as you have free traffic coming your way – you are never out of options.

You can always keep trying (for free).

And if only 1 idea out of a 100 is good: you’re in business!


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