I am getting thousands of visitors using keywords you wouldn’t even dare to touch

Look at these keywords:

  • how to move an image down in html” or
  • how to pass value from one html page to another using javascript

Would you ever think they could bring any significant traffic to your website?

Probably not.

But here it is – undeniable proof – thousands of visits every month.

And this is great news because…

There is an OCEAN of easy-to-rank keywords with loads of volume

And no one is paying attention to them, which means they are super-easy to rank.


…but I can…

Why are they overlooked?

One of 2 reasons:

  1. they are too long or
  2. the keyword tools misreport the traffic


The first reason is psychological because people assume long keywords mean less traffic.

And in most cases, they are correct.

But there are special keywords you can find that are long and have hundreds or thousands of searches every month.


Keyword tools are great for high-volume keywords (and are pretty accurate).

But for lower volume keywords, they are helpless.

(and by lower volume, I mean hundreds or thousands of monthly searches)

This has to do with the way keyword tools collect their data which is sampling.

But sampling only works if you have a big enough sample.

And lower volume keywords simply don’t have enough data so their reports are incorrect.


Keyword tools say that this keyword…

“how to pass value from one html page to another using javascript”

…has about 30 searches per month.

However, you can see from my traffic screenshot that my page alone gets about 500 searches per month.

And I’m NOT even ranking #1 in the search results!!!

Would your business transform if you got thousands of potential customers to your website for FREE?

I bet it would.

And all you need is:

  • super easy keywords no one is even looking at
  • write articles around those keywords
  • when Google ranks your content, you have indestructible business

How can you fail when new potential customers are coming your way daily?

No ads, no new expenses… it just works.

It’s like you’ve built your online cash machine.

How to find keywords?

Learn EVERYTHING about it in this…

  • 30-page
  • condensed
  • to the point
  • no b.s.
  • keyword strategy book

Read it once, and you’ll have the key to thousands of easy keywords in any niche/industry. They are just waiting for you to pick them up.


FREE traffic = FREE money

What is the objective value of the book?

If you got just 1,000 people on your site…

…with only 1% conversion…

…on a $50 product…

…that would be 10 sales…

…and you’d be making $500 per month. Every month.


No one said you have to write just a couple of articles.

What if you wrote 20-30 articles (or more) using these easy keywords?

Now you’re getting 10,000 people to your website…

…and with 1% conversion, that is now 100 sales…

…and you’re making $5,000 per month.

And since it’s free traffic, it doesn’t cost you anything to make those sales.


Who the FAQ am I?

My name is Will Veic, and I co-owned 2018 TechStars startup, where I worked on Machine Learning algorithms that predicted sales amounts of products in the food and beverage industry with 90% accuracy.

Compared to that, SEO is nothing.

You can easily find me on Linkedin and see my tech track record.

Why SEO?

What I wasn’t doing back in 2018 was SEO. And that is precisely the reason this startup eventually failed.

Because the main startup problem was that not enough people knew about us.

So we had amazing technology, but not enough traffic was coming to our site.

Why do startups never consider SEO?

All startups want to do things “fast”.

My startup was just the same.

We were doing things “the fast way” for 3.5 years before we failed.

If we focused on the “SEO first” approach – we could have created an amazing content/traffic website with hundreds of thousands of visitors per month.

Failure would be impossible!

Key insight!

As long as potential customers are coming to you – you are never out of options.

(and never out of business)


Do you want to continue being “fast”?

Or do you want to learn how to build indestructible traffic foundations?

UPDATE: SEO Never Stops

The results at the top of the page were taken 8 months after publishing the articles. But look at the results after 6 more months (14-month mark)

Now I’m getting 2342 more visitors every month without even doing anything!

And it keeps growing.

All for free.

Can you imagine what it would cost to pay for ads to get them?

Even at an absurdly low price per click of $0.20 – it would still cost me $468.4 every month to get those additional 2342 visitors.

And in total: $831.4 per month for the entire 4157 visitors.

That’s $9,976.4 per year.

From only 3 articles!!!


The only real question is: can you afford to wait even a single day and miss out on the biggest SEO opportunity in your lifetime?

Time to decide…

Send an email with the subject “SEO BOOK” and I’ll send you a free copy.