The most important thing to remember when changing your career is to never change your industry. Because if you do – all your progress will be lost.

This is something I learned when I decided to change career from software developer to something completely different. My work is different, but my industry is unchanged.

This helped me to quickly get back to my previous earning potential.

Had I changed industries – my financial recovery would have taken many years.

What To Do With Your Knowledge?

You have two major options:

  • Being an advisor (freelancer)
  • Or sell part of your knowledge (in a pre-packaged format, like a book or course) to exact-match customers that need this information

An obvious first question becomes then – where do you find clients?

But it’s a wrong question.


Because it’s a waste of time.

You need to make sure clients find you. Just as you found me and this article.

I did not:

  • Cold email you
  • Spam you
  • Reached out on social media
  • Put annoying ads in your face


I was here with the exact answer you needed – exactly when you needed it.

And you can do the same for your future clients/customers.

But how?

How To Attract Clients?

The key word here is attract.

And one of the best ways to do it is blogging.


Because it is non-intrusive, informative, and creates a positive experience with your potential clients from the very first interaction.

Plus, it’s overall a much less stressful and more predictable way to find new customers.

To learn more about how this all works, read this article about blogging.