If you’re reading this, you probably know I’m building an algo-trading hedge fund from scratch…

…and you’ve probably seen the effectiveness of the Badger algo-bot template in action when going through AI For Finance Course.

In fact, the name Badger was chosen because they are…

  • 🦑 tough
  • 🦑 resilient
  • 🦑 intelligent
  • 🦑 relentless

…exactly what you need to survive in dynamic financial markets.

And if you download it, you don’t have to bother with:

  • syncing the data ❌
  • implementing the APIs ❌
  • creating the database ❌
  • implementing backtest logic ❌
  • creating visual charts ❌
  • Binance exchange communication ❌
  • code design & architecture ❌
  • etc.

All of these boring and tedious tasks are done for you. βœ…

Therefore, you can completely focus on building your algorithms without any distractions.

The main takeaway is this: you can test 20x more ideas when using this template than you would otherwise.

So technically… I already have a 20‑person team working with me right now. πŸ’ͺ

And every day I’m gaining a 20-day advantage over you πŸš€πŸ“ˆ

Alongside the template…

…you will get 2 additional things:

  1. Badger template study guide (.pdf)
  2. lifelong access to Discord community


This will show you what every piece of template code is doing.

It will not be a black box for you.

Instead, you will learn how to:

  • use it βœ…
  • change it βœ…
  • extend it βœ…

You will completely own it and control it. And you will not depend on anyone to add new features etc.

⚠️ Including me ⚠️

So you’re getting set up for success from day one.


First of all, I’m building this community for myself.

So I can have access to talented individuals that I can recruit and join forces with.

And if I think I need a team (despite my extensive technical and financial knowledge)… you better believe you need it too.

Witness the power of the Badger

The first thing to remember is that there is almost nothing to remember since everything is so intuitive and just “makes sense”.

In the setup() function above you can see a couple of simple settings that allow you to do almost anything you’d ever want when developing your bot.

Let’s start with the most important (and amazing) one…


this.TRADE_LIVE = false;

As you can imagine, switching from false to true will deploy your bot instantly (making real trades with real capital).

It’s that simple.

FYI the exchange used in the background is Binance since it’s most stable with most liquidity.

Also crypto is chosen over traditional markets because it doesn’t have (legal) day-trading limitations.

Plus, the exchange is open 24/7.

All of which is perfect for algo-trading.


this.capital = 100_000;

You can set the capital for your backtests and see how your bot performs.

When bot goes LIVE then the real amount will be pulled from the exchange and this one will be ignored.


this.transactionFee = 0.001;
// 0.1% -> approx on Binance

The Badger template provides you with realistic simulation (backtesting) and fees are a crucial part of that.

If your bot is profitable even after the exchange fees, you’re onto something.


this.backtestPeriod = [

Simply just specify which timeframe you want to test your bot on and that’s it.

All the necessary data will be (automatically) downloaded and stored in the background for current (and future) use.

When the bot goes LIVE this line is ignored and you just get the realtime data.


this.tickers = [

You can choose whatever data your bot needs.

Sometimes it’s just the one ticker you trade, sometimes you want to use other cryptos as a confirmation signal.

Whatever it is… you got it with one line of code.


this.candleInterval = Interval._1M;

You can choose whatever candle interval you want.

Personally, I use 1-minute because in the world of high-frequency microsecond trading… I think 1 minute is a looong time.

Long enough to capture sudden market movements and release of new information.


this.pastCandlesCount = 50;

Aside from the interval you’re testing your data on, you may need some additional historic data.

For example if your test starts on January 1st, but your bot is using 50-candle moving average, then you’ll need 50 candles prior to January 1st.

And this line ensures your bot has all the historic data it needs.


this.chart = Chart(450, 200);

If you want to visualize what your bot is doing you can also display the chart.

You can set it’s dimensions however you want.

And it will show you all your entry and exit trades.



Opening and closing orders is super simple.

When opening a position, you can also set target and stop prices that (automatically) close the position.


- Initial capital: 100000.00
- Final capital::: 105146.83
- Total trades:::: 6324

- ROI:::::: + 5.15 %
- Min. ROI: -15.29 %
- Max. ROI: +39.66 %

- Drawdown: -29.13 %
- Pushup::: +64.87 %

After testing thousands of trades and going through millions of candles in just a couple of seconds, you get a nice report.

You can see how your bot performed, how volatile it was, etc.


As you can see, using the Badger bot template is super simple.

Everything is intuitive.

And all you have to do is figure out a profitable strategy. πŸ“ˆ

Everything else, all the heavy lifting from technical side is done for you. πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»


I’m not a “guru”, so no worries, my prices are in the double digits.

(unless the inflation blows this out of proportion)


Good luck!