Imagine carrying your entire business in your pocket. Wherever you go, your business goes. And while you’re spending money, your blogging business is making you money. Your phone is your ultimate freedom tool.

But the best part is, your travelling gets better because you’re blogging. All the times you get delayed flights so you wait at the airport, or long train and bus rides… all those times you would be bored and annoyed now can be productive.

Now you appreciate these moments because they give you an opportunity to build your blogging business even further and bring you even more revenue. All the while you’re enjoying your life.

So how to make this happen?

What Is A Minimal Requirement For A Business?

Your business needs to generate money. And the only way to do that is by selling something.

The good news is, you don’t even have to have a product. You can also earn money by recommending products made by other people or companies. And every time someone buys you receive a percentage of that transaction.

All you need to do is paste a special link (that you’ll get from the product owner) somewhere in your content and you’re good to go.

This is called affiliate marketing and about 15% of all online sales are generated in this way. Basically, bloggers review, recommend, or just casually mention different products in their content. This generates sales and these bloggers earn money. Simple.

Your Hobbies Or Interests Can Be Turned Into Businesses

Every hobby in the world can be turned into a profitable business through blogging.


Because every hobby in the world uses some equipment. Even for simple pencil drawings you need pencils.

So if your blog is focused on drawing topic, you can always recommend some pencils that people need anyways and you’ll earn some sales commissions that way.

In conclusion: whatever you already know – it’s good enough. Someone wants to know more about it and you can provide it to them.

What Content To Write

Obviously, you can’t just write any content, i.e. whatever comes to mind. That approach will most certainly lead to failure.

You have to write about the topics people are searching for. This means you need to focus your content around the keywords people are typing into their search bar.


Because organic search traffic is the way you’ll get people to your website.

This means your website, and specifically your articles, need to show up on search results pages. And they will not be placed there if you’re not writing specifically about the topic people are searching for.

In short: you need the keywords.


Not all keywords are created equal.

Which Keywords Not To Use?

The most tempting keywords, which most people usually start to use in the beginning (and fail) are popular keywords.

These are the keywords that first come to mind. However, just as they first crossed your mind, so they crossed the minds of countless other people who also made the content about them.

And now you’re competing with all those people for limited number of spaces on the search results page. And the bigger the competition, the lower chances you will actually succeed.

So you definitely need to stay away from them.

Keywords That Can Be Used (In Theory)

If you use keywords that have lower competition then you should be able to position/rank your content on search results and start getting website visitors to your page.

And the more visitors you get, the more revenue your business blog can generate.

You can certainly find these keywords, but the problem is in the way you find them.

The most popular way to find them is by using professional keyword tools. Some of which can cost up to $400 per month.

These are actually good tools, but their biggest problem is: they’re popular. Meaning they are used by bunch of people, all searching for easy keywords.

But if those tools show an easy keyword, all these people will try to rank for this keyword (making it competitive and not easy to rank in the process).

And this is why keyword tools could never work very well because they are too popular for their own good.

Secret Keywords

However, there are some keywords that even the professional keyword tools cannot find. Which means that all their countless users cannot find them as well.

And this is your opportunity.

Because with these keywords, your content has the chance to rank on search results and you can start getting visitors fairly easily.

Besides, you would not be reading this if this method was not working.

If you are on this site, you probably found it through search results, which means you’re the living proof this method actually works.

And if you want to learn more about these secret keywords and how do they work, then check out this SEO book.