Blogging is the fastest, most flexible, and cost-effective way to get new customers and clients to your business. And its biggest advantage? It is overlooked by your competitors simply because it doesn’t give instant results.

Since we live in an instant gratification world, everybody expects the results now – including your competitors.

If you could get results from blogging in 2-3 days, everybody would be doing this. This market would be too saturated, and I would never recommend blogging to anyone.


If you can rise above the cognitive bias that everybody else has, you will be able to instantly gain an advantage over your competitors who are impatient.


Blogging Gives Fast Results

While some other methods give you instant feedback, they are not faster at all. Maybe you upload your video and hope it gets viral. You would get instant feedback if it went viral or not.

However, to get one video actually go viral, you will need to produce hundreds or even thousands of videos before you hit it big.

And that will take much longer than a couple of months that a blog usually requires to pick up the speed and start giving you the results.

The point is: don’t mix up instant feedback with the actual speed.

Even if you say: “what about ads?”

Your ads won’t be profitable on your first try. And it may take you many trials and errors before you find a winning combination.

So it takes time and costs you money because ads won’t run for free. Out of all other options that are basically free to test out different content – ads are your worst option if you’re just starting out.

Blogging Is Flexible

Unlike social media, you can publish content on your blog whenever you want, and it will not affect the performance of your blog.

On top of that, the blog content value increases over time. The older the blog post, the better.

While on social media, your old posts are quickly forgotten and don’t bring you traffic any more. And this requires you to post constantly. It’s like having another full-time job.

But you don’t have time for that. You have a business to run. And your business goes through periods where it needs more attention. So you might not have the time to focus on social media as much.

That is why blogging is ideal for your business because you can produce content whenever you want or have extra time on your hands.

And on top of that, their content investment just grows and grows with time.

Where To Blog?

The best part of your blog is that you’re in full control.


You’re only in full control if you run it on your website that has your domain name. Because if you run it on some other blogging platform, then you don’t have that control.

Besides, if you run any kind of business today, you need to have a website anyways. So just place your blog on the website you own.

How To Get Blog Traffic?

Blogging about random things that come to your mind will not produce any results. You need to write about the topics that interest your potential customers.

And that is why you need to use the correct keywords (SEO). These are just phrases your target audience types into a search bar.


If you try to compete for the most popular keywords, that will also not produce any results.


Because your competitors (and everybody else) is using the same keywords. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be called “popular”. So you’re competing with the greatest number of people, which makes winning almost impossible.

Low Competition Keywords

Your only alternative is to use keywords that are not so popular and not so competitive.

How do you find them?

One way is to use professional keyword tools, which can cost up to $400 per month. And they will show you keywords that have “low” competition.


If all the people who use these tools look at the same keywords. And they all decide to compete for these “low” competition keywords. Then all this new interest and content is raising keyword competitiveness – making all these keyword tools largely ineffective.

This means while these tools are somewhat helpful, they are literally creating competition for the keywords they say are easy to rank for on search results.

So what is the alternative?

Secret Keywords

There are some keywords that even professional keyword tools cannot find. This means if you find them and you try to position your blog around these keywords, your success is inevitable.

These are the keywords I prefer to use, and with them ranking my blog is very easy.

Besides, if you’re reading this, it means:

  • You found this website somewhere in the search results
  • This method obviously works

And if you want to be able to find these secret keywords as well, read more about them in the best SEO book.