The purpose of a business blog is to drive the traffic you your website. And the more traffic and more potential customers see your offer, the more sales and revenue you will generate. It’s a simple math.

Many people talk about how to use social media to drive traffic to the business blog. But that is completely backwards approach. Blog should be able to generate traffic on its own by positioning on search results pages.

How Can People Find Your Blog?

To position your business blog on search results, you can’t just write random stuff and hope for success. You need to use specific keywords to get your content displayed.

If you use the same keywords as everybody else then you have bunch of people competing for the same keywords. This will result in your business blog not getting any visitors s well. Because you didn’t manage to position your website high enough on search results.

So the only way is to find low competition keywords.

How To Find Easy Keywords

One way is to use keyword tools that cost up to $400 per month.

But even then you have a problem. Because other people who are using this tools are also trying to compete for these “easy” to rank keywords.

And what happens when a lot of people compete for an easy keyword?

It stops being easy anymore.

Alternative Approach

That is why I’m always focused on finding keywords that even the professional tools cannot find. And with those keywords positioning on search results pages becomes easy.

In the end, the fact that you’re reading this only means this approach is working.

So if you want it to work for you as well, check out these secret SEO keywords and how to find them:

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