To be clear, websites are not on any page of search results. Only specific pages from your website can be on search results for specific search terms (keywords). And blog allows you to have more pages ranking on search results.

So the more blog content you have that is relevant to your target audience, the more search terms (keywords) you are covering.

This means you have a higher chance of getting on the first page of search results and more people can find your blog posts.

Full Visitor Journey

Your end goal for your visitors is to purchase your products or services. So you don’t want them on the blog page, you want them to end up on your sales page.

And you can accomplish this by putting links into your blog content.


No one is going to click them if the content is unrelated to your link. Or if you try to trick your visitor into clicking (which you should never do) then they will just leave your site and you accomplished nothing.

So your content has to match your users’ keywords and your products needs to match your content.

For example, you cannot write about bicycles and then put a link to buy a washing machine (makes no sense).

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