Blogging can definitely increase your level of freedom, especially financial freedom. Is it a bulletproof method to free you completely? No. Because people cannot free themselves from emotions, relationships, expectations, etc.

The point is, there are a lot of factors that go into one’s personal freedom besides money. But money is probably the biggest factor that will move you in the direction of becoming more free.

Especially when we take into consideration that you can be blogging from your phone as a way to earn an income. Because that allows you to be location independent and also income independent.

Even if there is an economic downturn and everything crashes 50%. Well your blog income is still 50% coming in.

Compare that to a regular job where if you get fired then you’re 100% down on your income. And on top of that, you can’t find another because a lot of other people just lost it too. So there is very high supply of job seekers and very little jobs available.

And a blog can prevent you from going through such a situation. So in that sense blogging can definitely set you free. And mostly it can set you free from worrying about the economy and what happens to your job (if you have one) etc.

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