During the entire history (up until now) sales was the best route to advance financially. But now there is something even better – driving traffic to websites. Because more traffic means more customers and profits.

Think about it… if you have the perfect sales process and manage to sell products 100% of the time, but you bring only one potential customer – you can make only one sale.

But if you have a bad sales process and you sell to only one customer in a thousand – you will still sell 10 products for every 10.000 visitors you bring to a website. This means higher traffic sold 10 times more than the perfect sales process and low traffic.

So which is easier:

  • create impossibly perfect sales process?
  • or send some more traffic to the website?

And that is why ads and marketing even exists – to bring as many eyes in front of the product.

The more people see it, the more people will buy, the more money will the company make.


Business Superheroes

If you can bring website traffic to the company, you are (aside from CEO and owner) the most important person in the company. Which also means you are one of the best paid people in the company.

Because every business can make almost any mistake and somehow “get away with it”.


If a company doesn’t have enough traffic – it’s not a company – it’s a dream.

How to get web traffic?

So how can you be that superhero that is well paid and brings a lot of web traffic to a company’s website?

One of the best ways to generate traffic is by learning how to position websites on search results. Also known as SEO.

And I’m not talking about regular SEO that everybody claims to be doing these days (when in reality people are just copying each other and struggle to get any results).


I am talking about having an advantage and making sure you rank on search results (instead of just guessing and hoping it works).

And the easiest way to get ranked on search results is by using keywords that no one else can find.

Through loads of trial and error I discovered a method that can be used to find secret SEO keywords with very low competition, but a decent amount of traffic.

In fact these keywords are so hard to find that even professional keyword tools that cost up to $400 per month cannot find them.

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