The purpose of content writing is to drive traffic to a website and generate sales for a business. And because of that, you cannot write about random topics. You need to follow the exact keywords your customers are searching for.

This is because the keywords are the main way search engines are going to pick up your content and show it to your target readers.

But… there is a problem.

If you write the content around the most popular keywords, you are competing with everybody else. And this makes your chances of getting to the top almost nonexistent.

Easy Keywords For Content Writing

Your success is nearly guaranteed if you focus on easy keywords with low competition. But the question is how to find them.

One way is to use professional keyword tools, some of which can cost up to $400 per month. They will show you “low” competition keywords.

Unfortunately, every person using these keyword tools is looking at those same “easy” keywords.

And when they all decide to compete for them, they are making them more and more competitive. So even though your situation is a little better, you still have loads of competitors.

Secret Keywords

There are, however, some keywords that even professional keyword tools cannot find. And those are the keywords that have really low competition.

These keywords make positioning/ranking your content on search results extremely easy.

In the end, if you’re reading this, you probably found this article somewhere in the search results. So these keywords are undoubtedly working and driving traffic to this website.

So if you want to drive a bunch of traffic to the content on your website, then check out how you can find these secret keywords as well:

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