To succeed in copywriting, all you need is practice. Sounds too simple to be true, which is why nobody does it. There are no tricks or tips and no secret formula. Practice daily for 1 hour and see how good you’ll get in a year.

If you’re still reading this and haven’t already clicked away – congratulations – you are in 1% of people who actually have the chance to succeed in copywriting.

Because the most terrifying word in any language is: work.

How To Practice Copywriting?

Another unusual advice (that actually works) is don’t read books about copywriting. Because reading a book about copywriting is like reading a book about Mona Lisa. The book can try to describe you in words on 500 pages how this painting looks like – and it will still not do as good of a job as jut looking at the painting yourself.

And the same is with copywriting.

To be good at copywriting you need to read the copy:

  • read the ads that work
  • read the billboards
  • read the popups
  • read your subscription emails
  • read sales pages and opt-in pages

Active Reading

You could say that you’re already bombarded with the ads. And that you should be an expert at copywriting by now.


There is a difference.

So far you read them through the eyes of a customer. Now you will read them through the eyes of a copywriter.

From now on, whenever you see some ad, try to analyze every sentence. Then try to figure out what emotions this add is trying to trigger.

Fear – is the ad trying to scare you or make you aware of certain dangers so you become more careful? Or is it maybe trying to convince you to protect yourself in some way and buy an insurance?

Greed/FOMO – is this next investment going to the moon and you’re going to miss this great opportunity? This is classical fear of missing out (FOMO).

Status – is this weight loss product or gym membership trying to show you how much better you’ll look and how people will admire (or envy) you for your great physique.

Whatever emotion it is, try to identify it and see what words or sentences were used to invoke it.

And if you practice in this way consistently, you will be amazed how good you’ll get.

Better Than Copywriting

However, copywriting is not the only thing that you can do to improve sales. it’s not even the best thing. And I can prove it through an example…

Let’s say you’re better copywriter than me. And let’s say you’re twice (2x) as good as me.


I have 10 times more traffic to my website than you.

Who is going to sell more?

Well obviously I am going to sell more. In fact I’m going to sell 5x more than you.

So did all this copywriting really help you that much?

Not really because I have the secret key…

Web Traffic

Just think about it… you are not on this page because of my amazing copywriting skills. You are here because I knew how to position this blog on search results page. That is it.

And getting organic search traffic with a blog is super easy (but only with my approach).

Many people try to rank for popular keywords, but the competition is so huge that getting traffic is impossible.

Others are a bit smarter, and they use professional keyword tools (some can cost up to $400 per month) to find low competition keywords.

The problem is, if loads of people use the same “low” competition keywords, they suddenly become high competition keywords again.

Secret Keywords

Personally I’m not interested in competing with others. I’m just interested in winning. So I don’t go to the same places as everybody else to find my keywords.

I’m only looking at places that no one else is looking. And that brings me the best results.

In fact, if my method did not work, you would not be here and you would not be reading this blog post right now.

So if you want to get more traffic and more potential customers to your website, then learn more about these secret keywords and see how they can grow your business:

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