The blog is the ultimate tool for generating high-quality leads that are impossible to get through social media or even Google Ads. Because you can target highly interested people with an unmatched level of accuracy.

To get regular leads you can use other methods like Google Ads, Facebook Ads or any other social media ads. But you can never approach the quality of the leads generated through blogging.

It’s not even close. Let me explain why…

Leads From Social Media (Ads)

Whether you pay for the ads or you use more organic approach on social media – it makes no difference. Because people on social media are not actively looking for something. They are just scrolling and trying to be entertained.

This all means their level of interest is very low.

So even if you managed to bring them to your site and get their contact details, those are very low-quality leads. Because they’re just slightly interested. Most of the time, they are just barely interested enough to leave you their email address or something.

Therefore, converting them into actual customers will take a lot of time and effort.

Leads From Google Ads

As you guessed, people who actively search for something are much more interested in finding a solution. And this kind of lead is much better because they have:

  • Problem awareness
  • And they took steps to solve it

So these are much easier to convert.


With Google Ads you cannot target all the keywords you might want to. Because your keywords need to be broad enough for Google to even let you to run the ad.

This means even if you found a perfect keyword with hundreds of searches that is 100% match for what you offer, you would not be able to run that ad.

Instead, you would have to run the ad for much broader keyword. And this would result in your ad showing to much broader audience and you would not end up with high-quality leads.

Plus, you would have to spend extra money and pay for all these extra clicks you didn’t want in the first place.

So any kind of ads will never lead to high-quality leads. Especially with (all) platforms limiting your ability to do more granular targeting. It’s getting “worse” every year and I don’t see this trend stopping anytime soon.

Organic Blog Traffic Leads

With blogging you have no limits on how targeted your keywords can be (regardless o how many people search for it). Even if certain keyword is searched only 10 times per month, you can still make a blog post that targets that exact keyoword.

Why would anyone want to target 10 searches?

For example, there are some very expensive things in this world. And if you stand to gain $10k for a single transaction, then writing a single blog post (even for just 10 people per month) is a wise choice.

And you could never target those 10 people with any kind of ads. So you’d have to spend thousands and thousands on advertising to 99% of the people who are not even your perfect match (just to get to those 10).

So blogging gives you a superpower when targeting and generating high-quality leads that is unmatched by any other lead generation method.

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