There is no such thing as “no experience”. Just being able to read this requires some internet/browsing skills. One career, for example, could be teaching computer skills to senior citizens.

This is a limited example, but the truth is – you have much more skills than you realize:

  • Navigating the internet
  • Using social media
  • Knowledge related to your hobbies
  • Just knowing the place you live (useful for a tour guide)

As you can see, everything and anything you know – someone else doesn’t know (and may be willing to pay someone who does).

This is the whole point of schools and colleges – to learn something that others don’t know, but they need it nonetheless.

Skill Awareness

Once you know a certain skill, and especially if you know it for a long time and you’re really good at it – it becomes invisible to you.

It’s like knowing how to ride a bike. You may not particularly think this is a “skill”, but people get paid every day for riding a bike (for example, food delivery services).

So if you can get paid in today’s world for such a common and unimpressive skill as riding a bike, then there are certainly much more complex skills you have that could be paying you much more.


1) Selling Knowledge

One of the more direct ways to monetize what you know is by selling your knowledge in a nicely packed format like a book, seminar, course, training, etc.

For example, one of the things I sell is an SEO book.

And I can do this because I have this skill. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this in the first place. Because this page wouldn’t appear in the search results without a good SEO.

2) Selling Results

Another thing I do with SEO is creating highly-optimized articles that drive traffic to other businesses.

And businesses are happy to pay someone who can bring more customers to their website.

This is, btw a recession-proof skill like no other.

Because there is no point in time where any business will say, “I don’t want more customers”.

Never going to happen.

3) Creating A Business

Once you have a skill (especially one that’s as powerful as SEO), you can create a business around it.

I actually have several websites that attract readers, and some of them buy the things they like.

And this is all you actually need to have a functioning business:

  • Website traffic (people knowing you exist)
  • Good offer (give people something they like)
  • Product (make sure your product works as promised)

Next steps…

Not having skills is just like starting a new career from scratch.

And I did just that fairly recently.

Continue reading if you want to hear my story on how I managed to completely change my career