When you absolutely dread showing up to work – you know it’s time to change your career.

Especially when you think it wouldn’t be any better even if you switched jobs – the problems would still persist.

Personally, I went through a similar thing when I had to change career from software engineer to something completely different.

What Makes People Stay

Let’s face it – if it weren’t for the bills and bank loans – you would leave a long time ago.

But you feel trapped.

And it’s more than just a feeling. You’re actually stuck.

So how do you make yourself “unstuck”?

Change Career – NOT Industry

Sometimes (but not always), the best solution is to change your career directly.


You can only do this if you don’t have to start from scratch.

This means your best chance is to find another career within your current industry.

You will be able to keep a big part of your knowledge, and you will have an advantage over people who’ve never worked in your industry.

Plus, you’ll be able to advance in your new career much faster because you only need to learn career-related knowledge.

In comparison, people who are just starting out will have to learn both career and industry-related knowledge.

Slowly Transition Out

If you’re reading this article, it probably means you can’t take it anymore, and you want a way out now.

So every other alternative (other than previously mentioned) will take some time.

However, people tend to feel better when they have something to hope for.

Slowly developing your new career can help you get through the day while you’re working on something you don’t enjoy at all.

On the other hand, once you’re back home, bad work experience keeps you motivated and focused on developing your new career.

Career Options

I might be biased, but one of the most flexible careers is blogging.

There is always demand because every business needs more web visitors and customers.

You don’t need any equipment other than what you already have (your keyboard).

The only thing you’re missing is how to get traffic with blogging?

But for that – you can read this article explaining SEO.