This is fundamentally a wrong question because time will not grow your business. But, for example, 100 blog posts could. Writing 1 post per week takes 2 years. 2 per week takes only one year. One per day takes you 3- 4 months.

But it’s not the time that grew your business. In this example, it was your content. Your blog posts.

So asking how long something takes is a wrong question to ask.

Optimistic Business Approach

If you think about the time, then you’re in passive role. You can’t speed it up, not can you slow it down. All you can do is wait. Which is very passive way to operate and it rarely leads to victory.

However, let’s say you think your business would definitely grow because it has more visitors and potential customers due to these 100 blog posts. Then you’re no longer focused on time, you’re focused on the blog posts.

And this is something you can control. You start calculating how many can you do manually. Then you calculate whether you have some extra budget to pay someone to write as well.

And suddenly, you’re finding ways to increase the production of these blog posts. Effectively, this is shortening the required time for business growth.

Steps To Grow A Business

There is really just one step: increase the number of visitors to your site and your business will automatically grow. More visitors leads to more customers, which leads to more sales, and that results in bigger business.

There are many different options available and using organic traffic is by far the most profitable option.

But within organic traffic there are different options as well.

Business Blog

My favorite way of growing a business is a blog. Social media is not really compatible with a lot of businesses because it’s just like a full-time job. And you already have a business to run so you don’t have all that extra time available.

Another thing with social media is that all your work loses value pretty quickly. For example, a post you made about a month ago will probably not going to be seen by anyone anymore. It’s all about the newest content.

Blog is completely opposite. The posts you create are only increasing in value as the time goes by. They are getting more and more readers, not less.

And if you suddenly stop posting, your blog is still generating results and might even continue to grow for the next several months.

It is truly the best friend of every business.

How To Generate Traffic

A blog without the traffic is pretty useless. And the only reason you’re creating a blog in the first place is to bring you new customers and increase your sales.

To get the traffic you can’t just write about anything that comes to your mind. You need to write about specific topics your potential customers are searching for. This means you need to use the correct keywords.

Obvious And Popular Keywords

Many times first thing people do with their blog is to try to position/rank their content on search results pages for the most difficult keywords. Because popular keywords are difficult by default.


Because everyone is trying to rank for them. And this creates an insane amount of competition. So your chances of getting web traffic using these keywords is almost an absolute zero.

Easier Keywords

If you use the keywords that fewer people are using then your chances of success grow much higher.

But how to find them?

Usually what people do is attempting to find them using the professional keywords tools. Some of which cost up to $400 per month.

But that doesn’t really work either.

The problem is not in the tools. The problem is in logic. Because just think about it: why are so many people using keyword tools? To find easy keywords.

And what happens when these tools say certain keyword is “easy” to rank? Bunch of people try to rank for that same keyword.


Since bunch of people started competing for that keyword, it stopped being easy. It’s competitive again. So you can’t really use the same tools everyone else is using, because they will not work by default.

It’s simple logic.

So what is your alternative then?

Secret Keywords

There are certain keywords that even the professional keyword tools cannot find. And those are really easy keywords you can use to rank your content on search results.

In fact, if these keywords didn’t produce the results and generate traffic for me, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now.

Because you probably found this website somewhere on search results and here you are: living breathing proof of the effectiveness of this method I’m using.

And if you want to be able to find easy keywords for your market, and use them to grow your business, then check out this SEO book.