Blogging business model will be successful for a long time. It’s going to be even more successful in the future. Why? Due to instant gratification, you will have fewer competitors as they’re unable to wait 3-4 months for results.

Even today, blogging is great because people quit all the time (for no good reason).

People will usually write couple of posts, maybe even 10, see nothing is happening, and then they’ll quit. This happens all the time.

So all you need to have is a little patience and persistence and you will out-compete the vast majority of other “bloggers”.

Because let’s face it, blogging is not (really) hard. It’s not like you’re digging trenches (with a spoon). You’re sitting and writing about the topics you already know about.

If someone asks you a question about a certain topic, and you can answer, then you can blog about that.

Naturally, after you start getting visitors to your blog, you need to implement some of the ways you can monetize your blog.

And you can find more details about monetization in this article on starting a side hustle from your phone.