The best clients are the ones that are ready to buy, trust you, and who contacted you first. The fastest way to get these clients is through a blog. Any other method is either slower or fails one of three critical elements.

Because business is a game of trust. And nothing makes me trust you less than your cold call.

First of all, it’s interrupting me in my work. I don’t necessarily have any desire to purchase whatever you’re offering (right now). So even if I’m generally interested in real estate. Maybe I even buy some a year from now. But your call today is just annoyance.

And the same goes for any other method of contacting me.

I am not saying that cold calls (or emails, or DMs) never work. But I am saying you’re wasting a lot of time annoying people. And at the end of the day, you haven’t built anything permanent.

And that is why I don’t like “quick” solutions, because they are the slowest.

Harsh Truth About Real Estate Leads

Whatever approach you take, you will struggle for the first 6 months. The only question is: what happens after the first 6 months? Do you continue the struggle like you just started yesterday or do you enter easy mode?

People mistake instant feedback with their rate of progress. For example, if I pick up a phone and call someone regarding my real estate offer, I might think I made some instant progress.

And this is very appealing to people who were born and raised in this era of instant gratification. Because there is always some hope of finding some “hack”. When in fact, there is no hack.

Biggest business secret is: there is no secret.

People ONLY buy from people who they trust. There are exceptions when it comes to ordering some $5 gadget from TikTok.


We’re talking about real estate which costs a little bit more than $5 so trust is extremely important.

Why Should Clients Trust You?

Obviously, you cannot be best friends with every potential client. And that is not the point. Your client just needs to trust you more than other realtors.

But before you start thinking about some other (worthless) hack… again… there is no hack.

The best way to get your client to trust you is by being trustworthy.

What is the best way to show trustworthiness?

Help your clients by giving them valuable information so they’re aware you know what you’re talking about.

What’s the best way to do that?


How Fast Can Blogging Get You Real Estate Clients?

Not very fast.


Faster than any other method you will try.


The main reason blogging gets a bad rep is because of lack of instant feedback. Compare that to cold calling where you know right away how it went. (And we both know it went terrible.)

And even if it went good, what is the first thing your potential clients will do after you end the call?

They will check you out online and find more about you. Because remember, real estate is not an impulse purchase. You will not be able to charm anyone through the phone that much to make a six figure purchase on a whim.

And what are your customers going to find?

Just your Linkedin profile? Maybe a one-page website where you just say you’re the best or whatever?

That is not enough – clients need proof.


If you had bunch of useful content that educates and helps your clients make better decision then:

  • You appear as an expert in your field
  • They like you because you help them make a better decisions
  • Which makes them trust you

Best Part About Blogging

Not only it raises your credibility, but it can also get you bunch of clients automatically. Because blog can get you loads of visitors from search engines who will list your content on search results pages.

So now you have:

  • People who are ready to buy
  • Looking for you
  • Read your content and increase their trust

And once they are in YOUR inbox, selling to them is extremely easy.

This is an ideal position you want to be. And it’s totally achievable within 6 months from now.

So if you want to learn how to create your blog in a way that will bring you results in record time, then check out the following article that talks about how to achieve massive organic growth using one secret method.