It is not easy but it is very simple. Write blog posts around specific keywords that your customers are interested in, wait 3-6 months for search engines to fully rank your content, and enjoy free traffic and sales forever.

But let’s go one step at a time…

Free SEO Traffic

Once you have free traffic to your site, your business can never fail. In fact you can always crush your competitors who rely on paid traffic methods (such as ads).

Because either your profit margins are going to be higher, or your product can be cheaper while having the same margins as your competitor. Either case you win.

And in case of recession – then you really win. Because if your competitors have to cut their ad budget, fewer people will visit their site and fewer people will buy.

But your traffic is unaffected by recession because it’s free.


First objection people usually have is that 3-6 months is too long and they don’t have that long to wait.

In reality, this time will go by so fast you won’t even realize. Just think of how fast the previous 3 months went by.

In fact, this tiny delay is what actually makes SEO one of the best methods. In a world of instant gratification everybody is trying out all the short-term strategies which means there is very little competition in the long term approach.

Besides, from personal experience I can tell you that quick methods are the slowest. You can quickly go through many of them and before you realize a full year has passed.

And then you look back and have nothing to show for. Then you think to yourself why haven’t you tried a slow method like a blog 12 months ago(?)

Because in retrospect you could have achieved success two times by now.

So the “slowest” method is actually the fastest and most profitable method.


Your blog needs to reach your potential customers. It is pointless to bring visitors to your website if they are not a good match for your products or services.

SEO Keywords

Now this is something that can cause you to fail even if did everything correctly. The problem is that some keywords are too difficult to position your website on search results pages. Even if you had the perfect content.

And these are the keywords most people are competing for.

For example someone who is selling cars might want to rank for the keyword “cars”. Unless you’re one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, you will never (ever) be able to rank for that keyword.

So what do you do then?

Work Smart Not Hard

Aside from the most obvious keywords that everyone competes for, there are thousands of other words that are not so competitive.

Or even better, I discovered a way to find secret SEO keywords that almost no one can find. Not even the professional keyword tools that cost up to $400 per month.

Positioning your website for these keywords is super easy.

And this is exactly why you are reading this right now: because you found this content on search results, which proves my system definitely works.

If you want to learn more about these keywords, check out this SEO book.