All you need to grow your small business is more customers. That’s it. If you doubled the number of your customers overnight, your business would be twice as big. The easiest way to get more customers is by increasing web traffic.

The most cost effective way (both in time and money) to grow your web traffic is blogging. But the trick is to use the proper keywords.

If you don’t use the keywords, no one will find your website because search engines will not show it in their search results.

And if you use the same keywords as everybody else, then the competition is too strong. Because everybody is trying to get their website shown on search results for the same keywords. And this means you will get no traffic to your blog.

Best Of Both Worlds

If you use the keywords, but only the ones very few other people use, you will win. You can find some of them using the keyword tools. But the problem is other people are using those same tools as well.

And if a tool says some keyword is not very competitive, a bunch of people will create a lot of content around that keyword. And this will make it competitive again.

So there must be a better way…

The best way I know is to use the keywords even the professional keyword tools (that cost up to $400 per month) cannot find.

Because when you have almost no competition, winning is easy. And this is why you’re reading this article right now. Because you found this blog on search results. So this method definitely works.

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