Easiest way to make money as a developer is to get a job. If you already have a job then the best thing you can do is to get twice as much money for the same amount of work (I’ll show you how). And the third way is a side project.


There is no wisdom here. If you have the skills then go to the interviews and you’ll land a job with decent salary sooner or later.

Side Project

This is where nearly all developers mess up.

They focus on technology and ignore the most important part.

And yes, I dare to say as a programmer –> our code and our product is nearly irrelevant.

What IS important?

The most important thing is that you can get someone to your website.


nearly ANY product that has attention can be sold
almost NO product without attention can be sold

For example, you are here now.

And if I didn’t know how to use this blog to show up on search results and get you to read this content: it would not matter at all what my product is and how good it is.

Your Website Visitors

It is the same with any product you will ever come up with.

Even if it’s the greatest in the world, if people are not clicking that BUY button, it will fail.

So how to get visitors?

I can only suggest what works the best and is easiest for me…

And what brought you to this website and is the reason you’re reading this right now: organic search traffic (SEO).

Many people say it’s hard.

I do understand their position.

But the reason it’s hard (for them) is because they are all copying each other.

They are trying to compete for the same keywords and then wonder why they fail.

Me, on the other hand, use mostly keywords that others cannot even find.

In fact, I use the keywords that even the professional keyword tools that cost $400 per month cannot find.

So I have almost no competition.

And getting my website on search results pages is easy.

If you want to learn how to find these keywords, check out this SEO book.