Traditionally, if you wanted to recession-proof your life, you would go into sales. Because every company always wants more customers. But due to technology, an opportunity better than sales is available: web traffic generation.

Why the sudden shift?

Because even though sales is very important, getting more visitors to a website is way more important.

So even with an average sales process, if you bring millions of people to a website, you will sell loads of products.

And whoever can bring traffic to a website, will be a complete superhero for any business. Not to mention that this person will be paid a lot.

This skill also gives you freedom and better options. Because if one company is foolish enough to let you go, there will always be hundreds of companies who would love getting more customers.


How to get the traffic?

There are several ways, but my personal favorite is by positioning websites on search results pages (SEO).

Many people dislike this method because (they claim) it’s hard to make a website show on results page.

And they’re right… IF you do it their way, it’s next to impossible.


I do not do it their way, and neither should you.

Where is the problem?

Basically, what most people do, is they’re competing for the same keywords as everybody else.

This naturally creates super-high competition and you can forget about showing up on search results.

So what is the alternative?

Simple… use the keywords that no one else is using, and then positioning on search results is easy.

Personally, I go even one step further.

I use the keywords that not even professional keyword tools cannot find. The best among them can cost up to $400 per month and they still cannot find them… but I can.

If you want to learn how to find these keywords as well, check out this article on blogging.