Once you understand how online business fundamentally works, you will be able to find more ideas than you can possibly need in 10 lifetimes. And the good news is you don’t need money to start any of them.

How is this possible?

Let’s start with fundamentals…

Online Business Fundamentals

If you have a constant stream of potential customers visiting your website, your business can never really fail.

Sooner or later someone will buy. And if you have a lot of visitors then you will make a lot of sales.

Even if you have no product of your own, you can still earn money from sellers who will pay you a share of every purchase for every customer you send to them. They will give you a referral link you can put on your website and if your visitors click on it and buy, you will make money as well.

All you need is web traffic…

Why Would People Come To You?

There must be a reason why people would want to come to your website, and usually that reason is information.

Everybody knows something that someone else doesn’t know. This may be something related to your current profession or your hobby. Maybe you are just knowledgeable about certain topic because you were curious and liked to watch documentaries.

Whatever the case may be: you know something.

And anything you know can be converted in content that someone might want to read. For example this blog post is the same. I know something and now I’m sharing it with you.

And literally anything you know can be monetized through content.

How To Get Web Traffic?

It is not enough you just write random content. People need to be able to find you.

Think of how you found this article. You probably saw this page on search results and now you’re here.

This means search engines put your site on their results.


This doesn’t happen without your help. You need to use specific keywords in your text and your title. Otherwise you will never show up on search results. Which means you will not get any visitors and won’t make any money.

How To Find Keywords?

There are some tools like ahrefs that can show you available keywords. As you will see there are millions of them and they can give you business ideas. Because when you know what people are searching for, then you know what you can sell them. Simple as that.

Here is an example what would show up if you knew how to play a guitar and you wanted your blog to be about that topic.

That is why I said at the beginning I have more business ideas then I could ever hope to implement.

And now, so do you.

You Need The Right Keywords

If you choose to compete/rank for the same keywords as everybody else, you will still not get any traffic to your website.

Because there are many competitors and only 10 places on the first page of search results. So you need to find keywords that are less competitive. In this example that would be “can you play guitar with long nails”.

But there’s a problem.

Just as you can use this tool, so can everybody else. So even the keywords that might seem like “less competitive” can actually be much harder than they seem.

So how can you find truly easy keywords that will certainly bring you website traffic, customers, and revenue?

Secret SEO Keywords

When you use keywords that very few people can find, then your success is nearly guaranteed.

This is why I like blogging so much, because every blog post I write I know it will bring me visitors. And to achieve that, I’m using the keywords that are extremely difficult to find.

In fact, even the professional keyword tools that cost up to $400 per month cannot find them. And this makes them very easy to rank on search results.

And if you want to learn how to find them as well, then check out this SEO book.