The best way to start affiliate marketing with no money is by using free promotion methods such as organic search traffic. Specifically, I’m talking about a blog because it gives you the most control out of all available options.

Plus, a blog is very compatible with business goals:

  • you can publish posts when you have time
  • you don’t have to publish when you don’t
  • your traffic grows with time
  • the older the content, the better

Compared to social media which feels like having another full time job.

So blog posts (just like the one you’re reading now) are great because it could have been written a long time ago and it still works today. No extra effort or management from my side.

And because of that, I would choose blog over social media at any given day.

How To Get Traffic?

The best way to get traffic to your blog is to position it on search results.

If you’re just writing about random stuff, you will achieve nothing. And if you use SEO and write about the same keywords as everybody else, you will (again) achieve nothing.

Because if everybody is using the same keywords, the competition is huge, and your blog will never show up on search results.

Which Keywords To Use?

Good keywords to use are the ones that very few people use. You can find those using the keyword tools.

The problem of course is that a lot of people are using those tools. And again, if everybody competes for the same keywords that are “easy” according to the keyword tools, they stop being easy.

And this is why the best keywords are the ones that even the professional keyword tools that cost up to $400 cannot find.

I prefer to use these keywords which makes ranking my content on search results very easy. And this is expected since the competition is very low.

If you want to be able to find these keywords as well, check out this SEO book.