Most search results will say this is a great career path, but always remember that those opinions were written by people who are working comfortably from home and writing blog posts. So be careful when making life-long decisions.

Even though there are some good jobs out there, the majority is not that good. Even if the pay is sometimes good, it is only good if you disregard all the risks.

And there a quite a lot of risks and they are all related to your well being. You will more often than not work in hazardous environments or with dangerous machinery.

So if bloggers that recommend these jobs make a mistake they just click undo and life continues to go on. But if you make a mistake in basic industries you lose your finger, or an arm, or your life.

In my opinion, money is not that good to justify those risks.

Also, the strain on the body is going to be significant and you will not always be young. And after 20 years of working like this you’ll be broken. And don’t expect your company to care after you gave your life working for them.

Fired -> Next.

So be very careful when choosing this career and make sure you take into account long term situation.

Better Options

Are there better things you can do? Yes.

There used to be just one and that was sales but, luckily for you, there is another one.

I say “luckily for you” because most people dislike sales even though it’s one of the best ways to get super high salary. And most people would choose basic industries over it.


There is an alternative.

Something that doesn’t involve sales but is paid just as much (if not more).

Website Traffic Generation

In today’s world you don’t win if you have better sales. Instead, you win if you have more traffic.

And if you can develop that skill, you will never be out of a job.

Because regardless of the economy, every business ever, always wants more customers.

They will never say: “nah… it’s ok… we don’t need more money, you’re fired”.


If the economy is booming – this is the best job.

If the economy is crashing – this is the best job.

This is all great, but where to start with web traffic generation?

Placing Websites On Search Results

This is also known as SEO and you might have heard this is very hard to do.

And it is… unless… you have an advantage… and you will get an advantage now.

The reason SEO is “hard” is because everyone is competing for the same keywords.

But there are many keywords that can get web traffic and that almost no one competes for.

Check out organic revenue growth article to learn more about these keywords.