Business services is a great career path, especially one area that very few people talk about: website traffic generation. Here you have an option to add commission-based payouts to your salary and make your earnings limitless.

Because you ever want to have a really successful career, you need to get off from your fixed salary and move towards performance-based payouts.

On a fixed salary, regardless of your efforts, that’s pretty much what you get. Maybe you get a 10% raise and a few good words from your manager. This all seems great but what if you increased company’s sales and profits by 100%.

Company could be earning millions from your contribution while you get extra $500 per month.

That doesn’t sound like a good deal for me.

So whenever you can, try to tie your income to your results. Because you will have to produce results anyways, or the company will fire you. So you already have all the downside. My question is: why not participate in the upside as well?

What Every Business Needs?

Every business wants and needs more money, more customers, and more website visitors. They actually only want the money but customers are the only way to get it, so they need them too.

This is why being able to generate website traffic is one of the most important things you can help a company with. And the most important things pay the most amount of money.

How to generate traffic?

There are many different ways but my favorite is by positioning websites on search results (known as SEO).

Many people dislike it because they think it’s hard. And I don’t blame them. I would think that too if I was doing all the wrong things they do.

For example, everybody is competing for the same keywords. This requires you to optimize your site like crazy, and you’re still very unlikely to position it high enough in the search results.

However, that is NOT the way you should do it (and that is not the way how I do it).


Instead of competing with everybody else, it’s much easier to just find the keywords that almost no one else is using.

And through countless attempts I finally discovered a method that enables me to find secret SEO keywords. They are so difficult to find by anybody else that even professional keyword tools (that cost up to $00 per month) cannot find them.

And once you have keywords that have no competition, positioning a website on search results and getting web traffic is easy.

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