Capital goods is a great career in a booming economy. But as soon as the economy slows down, these goods start to pile up in the warehouse, and many workers are no longer needed (as they are frequently laid off by the thousands).

This means you will have a job when it’s easiest to find a new job. And you will be fired at the worst possible moment.

So when choosing a career, it is not too bad to find one which is in equal demand regardless of the state of the economy.

What’s even smarter is to find a career that increases in demand as the economy tanks.

And let me tell you… there is such a career: sales.


Not a lot of people like this career which is why you will like this part: there is a career that’s even better than sales.

Always In-Demand Career

As much as companies like it, sales process is limited. If you get 100 people to your website and you have excellent sales, you can only sell to those 100 people.

But, if you can bring one million people to your website (even with bad sales) you will be able sell way more than a 100 people.

And this is why generating web traffic and bringing visitors to websites is the best career ever. Because companies will always want more visitors, more sales, and more money.

Especially in a bad economy.

How do you get web traffic?

You learn it – like everything else.

One of the best and worst ways to get web traffic is by positioning websites on search results for specific keywords (SEO).

This is “the worst” way because everyone is competing for the same keywords, which makes them competitive and hard to rank on search results.

It is “the best” way because you don’t have to go for the same keywords like everybody else. You can use keywords that are rarely used by your competitors and rank for them much more easily.

But why aren’t other people using those same keywords?

Thing is, they don’t know how to find them.

Even the keyword tools that cost $100 to $400 per month cannot find these keywords.

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