Even the best jobs at commercial banks are set up in a way so you can never leave. Top executives get impressive bonuses, but they can only collect them after a couple of years, so they have to stay or lose the bonus.

And when they finally receive the money, they “get” even bigger bonuses which they can only use after couple of more years. And the cycle continues. So you’re permanently trapped at that job and the moment you decide to leave, you will lose all the bonuses.

And remember, this is a best case scenario. This is in case you’ve “made it”. So I would personally never set up my career in a way that allows me no flexibility and no options.

Career Options

It is much smarter approach to develop your career in a way where your skills are:

  • highly sought-after
  • paid very well
  • easily transferable from company to company
  • resistant to economic downturns
  • knowledge isn’t depreciated over time which is often the case in tech fields

Careers that fit this description are sales or copywriting. Since human psychology doesn’t really change over time and across different products – everything you earn, you carry it with you.


Very few people like sales. So the good news is: there is something even better than sales…

Website Traffic Generation

Even with below average sales, if you bring a lot of visitors to a website – there will be a lot of purchases.

Traffic can be generated in many different ways, but my favorite is by positioning websites on search results (also known as SEO).

Many people say this is very hard and I somewhat agree with them: it is hard IF you do all the wrong things they do. Foe example, if you compete for the same keywords like everybody else, then your job is going to be brutally difficult.

That is why I don’t do that.

I make sure I find keywords almost no one else is using. Even SEO professionals using keyword tools that cost up to $400 per month cannot find them.

And when there is no competition, positioning/ranking websites on search results is easy.

Check out the article on organic revenue growth to learn more about these keywords.