You can take two paths in this industry: programming and sales. The path of selling software is a better option because of the higher salary and also compounding knowledge that doesn’t get outdated every 5 years.

Software development, on the other hand is hard to keep up, and everything you learn will be worthless in 5 years. This means your years of experience add very little to your advantage.

So a 40 year old developer knows roughly the same as 25 year old developer. The problem is the younger developer has much more energy and you’ll struggle to keep up.

To contrast that with a salesperson who has 20 years of experience – it’s totally different world. This is 20 years of knowledge that builds and compounds over time. Because human psychology doesn’t change. And the older you get, the better you are and more job opportunities you have.

But… sales isn’t the only thing you can do…

Better Than Sales

Knowing how to sell is good but knowing how to bring traffic to a website is infinitely better.

Because even with bad sales process, if you bring a million people to the website – there will be a lot of purchases (and a lot of profits for the company).

And one of the best ways to get traffic is by positioning websites on search results (SEO).

Even though many people say this job is hard, it is only because they are copying each other. And if you do the same as everybody else, you have no advantage and it’s hard to stand out.

Specifically what they do is competing for the same keywords as everybody else (and then they wonder why it doesn’t work).

My strategy is to compete for keywords no one else can find. Even professional keyword tools that cost up to $400 per month cannot find them.

And when you tae that approach, it is fairly easy to position your website on search result. Besides, you couldn’t find this website and wouldn’t be reading this if my strategy wasn’t working.

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