This career path has one big problem: it’s regulated by the government. This means you are essentially doing public service, and there will always be a ceiling to how much you can earn (regardless of your contribution).

Personally, I don’t like my income being predefined and limited because then I lose most of my motivation to do that job in the first place. Especially when that job is very labor-intensive and sometimes very dangerous.

So I have the worst from both worlds: limited income and unlimited risk (i.e. dangerous work conditions).

Better Career Options

There are jobs out there which are very safe to do, and income they can generate is nearly unlimited. Specifically, I’m talking about jobs like sales, copywriting and web traffic generation.

In fact, creating web traffic for companies from scratch is my favorite way of making money because there is always demand for that. And every company that ever existed always wants more visitors, more potential customers, and more profits.

So any person who knows how to get more visitors to a website can expect secure and well-paid career.

How to generate traffic?

There are many ways to generate traffic, but the best one I could find is positioning websites on search results (SEO).

Even though many people struggle a lot with this method, I realize it’s mostly because they’re all doing the same thing. And because they are all competing for the same keywords, it’s very hard to win.

This is the reason I’m never going for the same keywords as everybody else. I use secret SEO keywords than even professional keyword tools cannot find. And this is why my content can easily rank on search results.

In fact, you wouldn’t be reading this if my keyword strategy didn’t work.

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