Even though energy (currently) has a lot of good jobs it is very risky as a career path. And that is because of inverted incentives and government involvement which can get you fired at any moment.

The thing is that there are two types of technologies right now: the ones that work and the ones that don’t.

Technologies that work are not very popular with the government so they are actively being dismantled. Which gives them a very bad outlook on future employment and career opportunities.

On the other hand, technologies that don’t work are only operational due to government subsidies. And even though this sector is growing very fast, it is also one signature/legislation away from being completely unprofitable.

I don’t have a crystal ball and I can’t tell you how long this will last. But I can tell you that this setup is very unstable and having career in this field is going to cause a lot of headache.

So what can you do about it?

Better Career Options

There is one career that was very profitable for thousands of years and this track record is not changing anytime soon. This career was sales but due to technology there is something even better today: web traffic generation.

Because any business today can get away with bad sales process if it gets enough website visitors.

In the past, a good sales process or a good sales person was absolutely required to keep the business afloat. Because if you were a physical shop, the number of visitors was physically limited. So the only way to scale and have good business results was to do amazing sales.

But today is different…

Even with bad sales process, if you get millions of visitors you will still outperform someone with amazing sales and only thousands of visitors.

So the best and most paid career to be in right now is web traffic generation.

Web Traffic Generation

Ever heard of advertising? That is the most popular way of traffic generation. It is also the most expensive but companies do it anyways. Even though everyone dislikes ads.

But what if you could generate traffic for companies without the ads? Their customers would like them even better and you would get paid proportionally to the amount of traffic you can get.

Literally, the sky is the limit.

And your services are always going to be in demand because no company ever will say “nah we’re good… we don’t need more traffic and more customers”.


Talking about stable career path – well this is it.

How to get started?

One of the hardest and easiest ways to start is ranking websites on search results (SEO).

Why it’s the hardest?

Because the competition is too strong and everybody competes for the same keywords.

Why it’s the easiest?

Because if you don’t compete for the same keywords as everybody else, you can get as much traffic as you want.

Where to find those keywords?

After numerous attempts, I discovered a way to find good keywords that have decent amount of traffic that no one else can find.

Even the keyword tools, some of which cost up to 400 dollars per month, can’t find these keywords.

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