Homebuilding used to be one of the best career paths because of the demand. But today, in most western countries, birthrates are very low and in 30 years there could be 20-40% less people, and the buildings from today will stay.

This means the supply of houses and apartments will exceed the demand. There will be very little need for additional housing, and the housing prices are going to go down significantly.

Because of low housing prices, homebuilding will also be paid way less than it is now.


There is hope!

One Profitable Sector

Even though there is going to be a downtrend in housing market, there are still huge opportunities.

Yes, there is going to be more housing than needed but people will still move from place to place and will have to live somewhere.

This means a lot of properties are going to change hands and there will be a lot of buyers and sellers.

And this is a great opportunity for you because people like real-estate agents (but also many other related professions) earn a commission from every property sold/purchased.

So if you go into sales part of homebuilding you will be able to develop a very high-paying career.


Not everyone is into sales, so here’s something even better…

Better Than Sales

You don’t have to be a salesman to earn a commission from all these properties being bought and sold.

Companies that are in the business of buying and selling properties will always need more hoses to sell and more buyers to buy them.

In short: they will need more website visitors.

Website Traffic Generation

And this is a great opportunity for you, because being able to generate website visitors is almost like a superpower. Because if no one ever hears about this hypothetical real-estate company, they will have nothing to sell.

What’s even better, they will need your services regardless of the state of the economy. They always need more clients (just like any other business). And if you can provide a company with website visitors and clients, you will always be in demand and always be highly paid.

How To Get Traffic?

There are many different ways, but my favorite is by positioning websites on search results pages (SEO).

It is my favorite because, unlike almost everybody else, I found a way that nearly guarantees me my website will rank for a certain keyword.

This is something others struggle a lot, and the reason is simple: they are all competing for the same keywords.

No wonder they find it hard.

What I do instead, is find keywords that almost no one else is using. And then positioning/ranking on search results is very easy.

But it’s not easy to find these secret SEO keywords. In fact, even some professional keyword tools that cost up to $400 per month cannot find them. But I can.

Check out the article on organic revenue growth to learn more about these keywords.