Working in luxury hotels and resorts is an amazing career path, but NOT for surface-level reasons. The biggest advantage is you get to meet rich and influential people, and you are one step away form changing your life forever.

Who visits luxury hotels and resorts? People who have financial means to do so. And since 80% of wealthy people are self-made, you will most likely meet people who own businesses.

If you are professional at your current work, and you excel in going the extra mile for hotel guests, you will be noticed sooner or later.


Because competent and motivated people are hard to find.And most people always try to do bare minimum. If you do the opposite you will draw attention.

And remember, you are talking to business people who are always looking for great talent. And even if they don’t, they will more likely to offer you some help because they had already seen the worst of the worst.

And if you’re the exact opposite of that, maybe you remind them of their younger self. Some of them will want to talk to you more and some doors you couldn’t have imagined to open – will open.

This is literally the greatest career hack.

Understanding how business works is yet another advantage so you can hold meaningful conversations.

What’s better, being able to contribute will get you even more opportunities.

How to contribute?

There is one thing all businesses always need: more customers.

Easiest way to get them is to drive more traffic to their website.

more visitors
more customers
more money

One of the best ways to do that is by positioning websites on search results page (SEO).

People usually think this is hard but it’s just because they’re all competing for the same keywords. And then they wonder why it’s not working.

Obviously, that is the wrong way to do it.

I prefer to use secret SEO keywords that very few people can find. They are so secret that even professional keyword tools which cost up to $400 per month cannot find them.

And then I “compete” for those keywords, but in reality there is almost no competition. And then positioning on search results is very easy.

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