People think this career is great because it creates parts for everything else used in the economy. But during the economic slowdown, product sales slow down, components are less needed and people in this industry are fired.

So in a way this career is great, except for when you need it the most: in a recession.

And I think a lot of people would prefer careers that offer stability especially during problems in the economy. And if this is you then you may want to learn about other career paths that offer more stability and higher salary.

Resilient Career Paths

The first career path that is never going to go out of style is sales. This is because companies will always want to sell more products and earn more money. And this is more true than ever during an economic downturn.

The second career path was created through technology and it’s even better than sales. I’m talking about generating website traffic for companies. Because even with bad sales, if you bring millions of people to the website, you will sell a lot of products.

And companies will always want more visitors and more potential customers looking at the products on their website.

How to get web traffic?

One of the most effective ways to generate traffic is by positioning websites on search results (SEO). The problem is that most people are competing for the same keywords in the search results and this makes it very hard to do.

The good news is: you don’t have to compete with them. You can position the website for easy keywords that are still searched a lot.

Why isn’t everybody doing this?

They would do it if they knew how to find these secret keywords. But the problem is not even professional keyword tools that cost $100 – $400 per month cannot find these keywords.

However, I discovered a method that can capture thousands of these keywords for any niche, industry, or product. Check out the article on organic revenue growth to learn more about these keywords.