Major banks offer well-paid positions during the economic boom, but as soon as the economy faces issues, there are major cutbacks, and a lot of people get fired. So, this job tends to let you down the moment you need it the most.

This is expected when you think about it. When economy is booming banks are lending the money and there are a lot of people who need banking services. And this is why the banks need a lot of employees to handle all this demand for their services.

When the economy goes down, banks don’t loan the money as much and the need for employees goes down as well. On top of that, they want to cut down their costs which means: layoffs.

And this is why you should never aim to get an “expense job” and focus on getting a career in an “income job”.

Income Jobs vs Expense Jobs

The expense jobs are all supporting jobs that help a company/bank to run smoothly but aren’t crucial for the bank’s survival. For example bank tellers, managers, cyber-security specialists etc.

Even if you are a trader and portfolio manager, the banks are extremely good at forging golden handcuffs. Because you have to work for 3 years to be able to get a bonus which you can use only after additional 3 years. And this goes on forever.

And every time you get better and better deals but you have to wait for them for years. So you can never really leave because the moment you do, you will leave majority of your bonuses on the table.

The income jobs are absolutely essential for company’s survival and because of that people working those jobs are paid extremely well. On top of that, they are never really out of job and can always find a new one.

These jobs were traditionally mostly sales and copywriting. But in modern times there is one career that is more powerful than sales. And that is website traffic generation.

What is website traffic generation?

This is the most important component that keeps every business alive in today’s world. You can get away with bad sales but not with low website traffic. Because low traffic and excellent sales will make less money than bad sales and bringing millions of visitors.

So whoever has this knowledge and can bring new potential customers to a business will be able to demand almost any price their work.

Currently the best way to generate traffic is by positioning websites on search results (SEO).


It is also the worst if you do it in a way that everybody else does it. Meaning everybody is trying to position themselves for the same keywords which creates super-competitive environment in which most people lose.

The good news is: you don’t have to be one of them.

All you need is a competitive edge and I will show it to you. Because there are plenty of keywords for any industry that are easy to position/rank on search results and a lot of people search for them. This means you can generate a lot of potential visitors for companies you’re working for. And they will appreciate it and pay you decent sums of money.

How to find these keywords?

I discovered a way to find thousands of these keywords for any niche or industry. And these are special keywords that even professional keyword tools cannot find.

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