Marine transportation has so many drawbacks it’s hard to fit inside one blog post. But people are attracted to this career because it pays very well. However, there are plenty of better ways to earn a high salary.

You need to consider not just your current position, but how will your personal situation evolve throughout your life. Maybe if you’re young it’s fun to go on a boat and be months away from home. But what happens later in life when you don’t see your wife and kids for 3-9 months?

Will it be cool then? – Probably not.

And if you’re only considering this career path because of money, then at least learn about other high-paying alternatives that don’t require you to be away on sea for months on end.

High-Paying Alternatives

Here are top 3 high-paying long-term options that provide you with both money and flexibility:

1) Sales

Everybody dislikes this one for some reason, but I think it’s much easier to pick up a phone and call someone than to be stuck on a ship for 9 months.

This profession is as old as the world and it’s not going anywhere. And everything you currently own, someone, somewhere, at some point, sold it to you.

2) Copywriting

I call this “sales for people who are shy”. Instead of calling and meeting people, you just write compelling texts that explain the product and list the reasons why people should buy this product.

This text is put up on a website and works forever. Which is great because you don’t have to do the selling over and over again. You write it once and it does sales for you over and over again.

3) Web Traffic Generation

This one is even better and more paid than the first two. Because you can get away with bad sales if you have millions of people on your website. It is impossible for you not to sell something. So having this skill is literally a superpower and there is no limit to how much companies are willing to pay you.

How to learn web traffic generation?

There are several ways you can generate web traffic but one of the best ways is by positioning websites on search results (SEO). Even though many people say this is too hard, I find it extremely easy.

Their problem is they are copying each other, and all of them are using the same keywords, so positioning websites on search results becomes next to impossible.

Obviously, I don’t do that.

Because the key to getting results easily is to use keywords no one else is using. More specifically, I use those that even the professional keyword tools cannot find. And we’re talking about tools that cost up to $400 per month!

Check out the article on organic revenue growth to learn more about these keywords.