Public utilities career has many benefits, but the problem is it’s heavily regulated by the government. This means your salary is also heavily regulated and you will not be able to earn more no matter how good you are at your job.

And the situation is similar across all different public service jobs. Just try to think of the best and the worst teacher you’ve ever had. The difference in quality of work and results these two people provide is staggering.

Good teachers could provide 50 times more value than bad teachers, but their salary will never be 50 times higher. Not even 2 times higher.

So if you care at all about fairness and being able to pay your bills and provide for your family, you will stay away from these jobs as far as you possibly can.

And I’m not saying that people who hold these jobs are bad. I’m just saying they got a very bad deal. And if any of them is reading this text, I hope they learn something new and improve their lives.

Results-Based Salary

If you are a lazy person, there are no more terrifying words than “results-based salary”. But for anyone else… if you take pride in your work and and your contribution, then you will love to be paid based on the results you provide.

Because then you will not be limited to any salary. The sky’s the limit.

High-Paying Results-Based Jobs

Jobs that have the highest earning potential always have something to do with sales, copywriting, or website traffic generation.

Sales is pretty straight-forward – if you can sell product for a company they will give you a cut of their profits. Because it doesn’t cost them anything to sell more, and you just brought them extra cash. And if you can sell billions, you will be paid proportionally.

There are no limits.

Copywriting is similar to sales but there is no face-to-face contact or calling people on the phone. All you do is write some words that are placed on a website and the better the words, the more you will sell. Additional benefit is that you write this text once and it sells forever.

Web traffic generation is my favorite job because it’s more important and better paid than sales and copywriting. Because excellent sales and low traffic will end up in very few purchases. But bad sales and millions of visitors will result in plenty of purchases and profits.

So being able to bring people to a website is a superpower.

How to learn web traffic generation?

My favorite way of generating web traffic is by positioning websites on search results pages (also known as SEO). Simple: people type in some keywords, your site shows on the list of results, and some people will click on it. Done.

The problem for many people is they find it extremely hard to position web pages on search results. And this is because they are doing the same thing as everybody else. They are all competing for the same keywords and it is very hard to win.

Obviously, that is not how I do it.

My approach is focused on finding keywords that no one else can find. Not even professional keyword tools that you have to pay $100 – $400 per month. And since I’m using keywords no one else is using, showing up on search results is easy.

Check out the article on organic revenue growth to learn more about these keywords.