Since the entire world is connected through telecommunications, this industry has many opportunities. Still, most of the jobs are not that good. Especially when the economy goes down, then many people are laid off.

Because when the economy is booming, then everyone needs the latest phone, faster internet, and more TV subscriptions. But when money gets tight, then people cut on those things because last year’s version is good enough.

Also, not every job in this industry is created equal. If you’re just connecting cables and similar things, then your salary is not going to be very high.

If you are involved in selling phones and subscriptions, then your salary could be quite high.

Jobs In General

Every job (in any industry) that is related to generating revenue (like sales or copywriting) is always going to be paid higher than other “supporting jobs”.

Is connecting cables important?
And would there even be a telecommunications industry without this job?


It is so far from the revenue generation that those salaries will never be very high. And I’m not saying this is fair – it’s just the way our world works.

I did not make the rules, and neither did you, but if you want to succeed in this world, you have to play by the rules.

So if you want more money – position yourself close to the money.

Profitable Career Paths

I already mentioned sales.

Copywriting is just sales in written form. You don’t have to call anybody. Just write a piece of text that sells, put it on a website, people will read it, and some of them will even buy.


There is one career path that is even better than those two, and that is web traffic generation.

If you can bring millions of visitors to your page, then sales are not that important because you will sell a lot of products regardless.

Simple: more visitors = more sales.

And companies are willing to pay as much as it takes to the person who knows how to bring people to the website.

How to bring people to the website?

There are many different ways, but my personal favorite is positioning websites on search results pages (SEO).

Many people dislike it and say it’s too hard, and I understand them. I would think the same if I did everything wrong like they do.

Their approach is to compete for all the same keywords as everybody else. And when many people compete for the same thing – it’s hard to win.

Obviously, I do not do SEO like everybody else, and I don’t use the same keywords as everybody else.

In fact, I use some very special keywords that cannot be found even by professional keyword tools. (And their only job is to find keywords).

And this allowed me to rank on search results for many different keywords on many different websites.

You’re probably reading this because you clicked a link on the search results page. And this means my method definitely works.

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