Junior copywriter is a person who has the basic copywriting skills that allow them to write compelling short-form text like: headlines, emails, ads, and social media posts where the main objective is to get people to click.

However, copywriting has a huge problem: it only works if there are people reading the text (copy) you wrote.

And if you know how to get free SEO traffic to the website, and then write compelling sales copy on that website – you will be unstoppable.

What Does A Junior Copywriter Do?

Junior copywriter job description is basically focused around getting people to click. This is because it is easier to sell to potential customers the idea of clicking on something than it is to actually sell something.

And his is where junior copywriters usually start. If you prove you can get people to click on your ads and headlines, then your client might give you an opportunity to try and actually sell something.

Junior Copywriter Salary

How much does a junior copywriter make depends on the value that copywriter provides. Usually the payout is results-based. So if you can provide a lot of results then your salary will be huge.

And don’t worry. Just because you’re not directly selling anything, it doesn’t mean your performance can’t be measured in sales terms. Which means you can still be paid very high amounts for extraordinary results.

For example, if you double the number of clicks (click-through-rate or CTR) that client’s ad is getting, you’re getting paid a lot. Because for the same amount of ad budget you brought twice as many people to the client’s website. And twice as many people roughly bought twice as many products.

Meaning you just doubled client’s sales. And that stuff is worth a lot of money.

Junior Copywriter Jobs

Here are some examples of junior copywriter jobs:

  • headline copywriter
  • newsletter copywriter
  • ad copywriter
  • social media post writer
  • webshop product description writer
  • cold email copywriter

How To Become Junior Copywriter?

Even though many people recommend you to read this book or that book, the best way to learn copywriting is not to read books at all. Instead, read sales pages, ads, and emails that you know generated a lot of sales.

And where do you find all these sales copy examples?

They are usually compiled in what is called “swipe files”. And it’s basically a bunch of text examples of ads and sales pages that actually worked and sold bunch of things in the real world.

Even though there are existing swipe files, the best thing you can do is to create your own swipe file where you can put all the ads, emails, articles, or article headlines that got you interested enough to click on them. Because you will learn the most by doing.

Easy Way To Get Started As A Junior Copywriter

The easiest and most important way to get started is to learn to write good headlines. Because, no matter how good your text (copy) really is – no one is going to read it if you don’t convince them to click with your headline.

And in this headlines guide you will find the best tips and tricks that specifically teach you how to write clickable headlines.