Most advice I found online on Python side hustle points towards the most saturated and least profitable solutions. Instead, I will show you actual business ideas, how and what to sell, and how to get customers.

Here is the exact 3-step process where I will show you how to get:

  1. Thousands Of Side Hustle Ideas
  2. When And How To Make A Product
  3. Exact Way You Can Get Clients

Also, before we begin, I will not talk about any of these bad ideas everybody is spreading around (and clearly haven’t done themselves).

This article is NOT about: sports betting and predictions, making courses, freelancing (because I assume your main hustle is your job already), competitive programming and code contests, starting an open source project, selling web themes and templates, mentoring / tutoring, writing coding books, starting podcasts, making an app, creating wordpress plugins and themes, developing another cryptocurrency or nft, trading bots of any kind, creating a coding channel on youtube, or selling app templates.

Thousands Of Side Hustle Ideas

As a developer myself, I understand it’s easy to fall into a trap where you’re just looking around and thinking what can you code. We will get to that, but this can never be your first step. Unless you really want to fail.

Everything begins and ends with your target client, customer, or user.

What Does Your User Want?

Luckily, this is very easy to answer. People are expressing their wishes in the search bar every day. And they’re trying to find it in their search results.

You can find (literally) millions of keywords people are typing in for free. One such keyword tool is ahrefs where you just type in some topic like “programming”. And then you will see bunch of different thing people are searching for.

NOTE: don’t stick to programming topic, that is just an example, you can literally type anything that comes to mind.

How Does Your Potential User Look Like?

After you start seeing suggestions for search keywords, you will get more and more ideas of what to type in next. And pretty soon you’ll see something interesting that you might be able to do.

This is just an example, but let’s say you find a keyword with a high search volume saying: “how to hire spreadsheet data entry from paper”.

From this you know:

  • this user is hiring (even though it doesn’t need to be explicitly stated)
  • output format is a spreadsheet which is fairly simple
  • they assume this needs to be done by hand (ideal for automation)

And now you have awesome business model. You can charge by the hour. Even if you charge $1 per hour, you can do a thousand of manual hours through your code in just a couple of minutes. So you’re pocketing a grand for a couple of minutes of work. (That is after the initial code setup.)

Think About How You Got This Idea

First of all (and this is the best part), you didn’t “get” the idea. Instead, you found the idea. Which means your market is validated out of the box. And there is a proven need for this service. Because it’s proved by the number of search queries made by actual people.

You’re only on your first step and you already did more than 99% of other startups or side hustlers.


You Don’t Have To Stop Here

People celebrate when they have one business idea. With this method you can find more ideas than you could implement in your life.

So in the beginning, when I said you can get thousands of side hustle ideas, I wasn’t exaggerating. In fact, using this method, you can have much more than that.

When And How To Make A Product

Now that you have plenty of validated ideas, you solved most of your problems. Yes you’ll need to code something but that’s really the easy part.

Depending on what kind of solution your business idea(s) require it may take you more or less time to develop it.


Do not make the development of the product your primary objective. In fact, you should leave it for last.

First you need to set up everything so that your clients start coming to you. And after you set up everything properly (as explained in the next section) you will have to wait for some time.

And this will be ideal time to start building your Python script, an app, or whatever software solution you planned on doing that solves your customer’s problems.

This will also help you deal with your impatience and by the time you finish your coding part, your potential customers will start coming in.


Exact Way You Can Get Clients

Since you found your ideal customers through their keywords, it would be nice if they found you after they entered those keywords.

Because you already have:

  • exactly what they need
  • you can do it faster (due to automation)
  • and at the same time cheaper

And the blog is an ideal way to get them to you.

But nobody likes blogging for some reason…

Why Blog Is The Best For Side Hustle

Subjectively, the blog is boring, slow, outdated, saturated,… and social media is the best thing since sliced bread and every video you publish will go viral and you’ll be a billionaire tomorrow… yes, I heard all the hype as well.

Objectively, the blog doesn’t care about the hype, and is hands-down the easiest, fastest way to get the results with the biggest return on investment you can possibly make.

It’s only “fault” is that it doesn’t give instant feedback. And this is extremely important in today’s instant gratification world.

And people mix up not having instant feedback to being slow to get the results. These two things are not the same.

Do you think you can grow your social media account in 2 days? Of course not. But then people go and look at blog and say it’s slow.

Also, the value of your blog content grows as the time goes by. It gets better rankings and more visitors to your website.

On the other hand, all your old posts on social media are quickly forgotten. And the moment you stop posting, your account slowly starts to die.

In short, blog is superior to social media in almost every metric relevant to a small to medium business, or a side hustle.

Traffic Is All That Matters

There is not much wisdom here:

  • the more traffic you get
  • the more potential customers will see your offer
  • the more sales you will generate
  • and the more money you’ll make

It is that simple.

And if you have a constant stream of potential customers that are coming to your website (for free), your business can never die.

How To Get Web Traffic

It is not enough to just write about whatever comes to mind and expect your target customers to magically appear on your website.

Instead, you need to use the exact keywords they are using. But this comes with some unintended problems…

Obvious (Popular) Keywords

If you use the keywords everybody else is using, then you’re competing with everybody. Which means your chances of winning are almost zero. And you will get no traffic, and no potential customers to your website.

The number of spots is limited on the search results page so make sure you’re not trying to win against all odds.

What you actually want to do is to turn the odds in your favor. And that is why you need to use low competition keywords.

Low Competition Keywords

These are the keywords that not very many people are using, and with them your success is inevitable.

And if you write the content using these keywords, you will definitely get traffic to your website. This will lead to sales, and sales will lead to profits.

So basically this is it, you now have all the ingredients to build a successful Python side hustle.


How do you find these easy keywords?

One way is to use the keyword tools like ahrefs that will show you which keywords are easy to rank your blog for, and which are not.

However, all keyword tools have one single problem: a lot of people are using them. And people who use them are all looking for low competition keywords.

So as soon as these tools say some keyword is “easy” to rank for, bunch of people flock into them.

And guess what happens?

Those keywords stop being easy because of all this new competition. And there’s no way to circumvent this fatal flaw when using the keyword tools.

Which is why I don’t use them when searching for easy keywords.

Secret Keywords

My strategy is to use the keywords that even the professional tools cannot find. And if they can’t find them, then these keywords are truly easy.

What’s best, ranking on search results and getting web traffic, becomes very easy in that case.

And if you’re reading this, that means:

  • you probably found this site on search results page
  • this method definitely works

So, if you want to join the very few people who know how to find these keywords, and use them to drive traffic to your Python side hustle website, then check out this SEO book.