I have more business ideas than I could implement in 100 lifetimes and after reading this, so will you. Formula is simple: get search traffic to your website + give people what they’re looking for = receive money for your efforts.

But let’s back it up a bit… how do you even get search traffic? What does it even mean? Why are people going to give you money? How do you get a good business ideas? And so on…

Ok… let’s get step by step.

Why is web traffic important?

Without visitors to your website you don’t have a business.

Someone needs to see your website, your product, and your offer. The more people see it, the more people will buy it.

It’s just a numbers game.

What is so special about search traffic?

Before visiting this page you probably used a search engine to learn more about recession proof business ideas. And this page talks exactly about this.

If I used ads or social media – most people who saw this article would not be interested, so my efforts are wasted.

But for you – this is a perfect match.

You are highly interested in learning more about this topic.

Why search traffic pays more than ad traffic?

Because it solves the exact problem people are searching for.

In this example you are searching recession proof business ideas because you know you can make a lot of money with them.

So if I show you a direct way how you can get thousands of business ideas… I believe this will be worth to you a couple of bucks 🙂

Ok, get to the point, where are my ideas?

If you can find out what exactly people are searching for – you will know what to offer them.

If people are looking for lawn mowers, guess what, they’re probably looking to buy them. So if you have one, you will make some sales and start growing your business.

But there is one problem.

Showing up on search results is very hard IF you do everything wrong (which is what I see people do all the time).

The biggest mistake is people trying to compete for the same keywords everyone else is competing. And then the y wonder why they’re not getting any results.

It’s like trying to win 100m race against the fastest person in the world.

Nearly impossible.


That is not how I do it.

When I go into this business “race”, I compete against turtles and snails.


Because I use super easy keywords that no one else is using.

In fact even the best keyword tools that cost up to $400 per month cannot find them.

But I can… I can find them by the thousands.

And if you want to learn how to find them as well and build your recession proof business then check out this SEO book.