Best recession-proof careers used to be sales and copywriting (which is just sales in writing). But thanks to technology, website traffic generation career is becomming the most resilient and most profitable career of them all.

Sales used to be number one because every company wants more customers and more profits. Especially during economic downturns.

So a good salesperson is never out of a job.

Even before the internet, copywriting was better than regular “in person” sales. Simply because you could sell to many people all at once. For example, if your text was published in newspaper and it was good – you could make hundreds or even thousands of sales that same exact day.

Even Better Career

When the internet came, people realized that it’s better to focus on getting more people to the website instead of spending time endlessly optimizing the sales process.

Because even with an average sales process, if you can bring millions of people to a website, you will sell insane amount of products.

And if you are the person who has this skill, you will never be out of high-paying job opportunities in your life.

And that is what I call the best recession-proof career.

But how to get traffic?

There are many different ways you can do it, but my favorite one is to position websites on search results pages. Also known as SEO.

Even though many people say it’s very hard, in my experience I find it very easy to do.

Of course, if I did it the way they do, I would also consider it to be difficult.

The reason they struggle is because they are all competing for the same keywords. This means the competition is strong and it’s next to impossible to position/rank a website that way.

Which is why I never do it like that.

Different Approach

Instead of competing with everybody else, I’m going for keywords very few people can find.

On fact, they are so hard to find that even the professional keyword tools that cost up to $400 per month cannot find them.

So when I use these keywords – of course I’m going to successfully position my website on search results. And it comes as no surprise that getting web traffic that way is fairly simple.

But how to find these keywords?

Well, if you want to go into details, check out this article on blogging.