The best 3 side hustles to do during any economic period are sales, copywriting, and web traffic generation. Since most people dislike sales (and copywriting is just sales through text) then getting web visitors is your best bet.

Sales used to be the best skill to have before the internet era. When the number of people you got in contact was limited it was important to convert as many as possible into customers.

However, today it’s better to focus on getting as many people to your website than to endlessly optimize sales.

Because even with an average sales process, if you can bring millions to the company’s website, the company will earn insane amounts of money.

And if you are the person who can enable all of this, you are very valuable to any company.

You can never worry again about your employment (as well as high compensation for your efforts).

But how do you get web traffic?

There are several ways but my personal favorite is positioning websites on search results pages (SEO).

I like it the most because it’s super easy (for me). And it’s easy for me because it’s hard for everybody else.

Most people think SEO is difficult because they are all copying each other. Trying to compete for the same keywords. And then they wonder why they don’t get any results. 🤦‍♂️

Different Approach

Obviously, my approach is different.

I do not see the point in competing with everybody else for the same hard keywords.

Instead, I’m going for keywords that very few people are using.

In fact, these keywords are so rare and so hard to find that even the professional keyword tools cannot find them.

Not even the most expensive ones thay cost up to $400 per month 😲😲

So when I use these keywords then positioning on search results and getting visitors to my website is easy.

If you want to learn how to find these keywords check out this article on blogging.