SEO copywriting is what every business in the world actually is. If you can get the traffic for free and you know how to sell to people that come to your website – you can create unlimited businesses out of thin air.

And this is the reason it is so hard to find a good SEO copywriter. Because if people know to do this effectively, they will be building businesses for themselves and not waste their time looking for clients.

Just like this site is being built in record time (from scratch). I also have other businesses in niches like: beauty, marketing, even funerals, and others…

And I don’t have time to go back and forth with you and negotiate fees for doing projects for your business. Instead, I’ll be writing for myself, and building up my sites.

The best option for you is to do it for yourself.

And if you don’t know how how, I will show you. Because there are so many keywords and so many opportunities that I couldn’t get them all in 10 lifetimes.

Here you can see the SEO results I managed to achieve from scratch.

SEO Copywriting Salary

There is no limit to how high your salary can be, because your payment is usually commission based (let’s say 10%). So if you earn for a business $10 million, then your salary is $1 million. Earn zero and your salary is zero.

But then we get back to the original point and that is why get 10% working for someone else when you can earn 100% working for yourself?

And the answer is that sometimes credibility helps in sales. The same text/copy, and the same product, but people just buy more due to credibility.

For example, this website is called ProgrammerMoney, and some people will buy incredibly valuable information this site provides.


There would be a whole lot more sales if this website was from Harvard University. Because that would give this site even more credibility, and people would buy more. That’s just a fact.

So why don’t I cooperate with Harvard then?

Because I still don’t have enough authority and track record on the internet in order for Harvard to take a chance on me.

But the problem again is, by the time I do have enough authority, then it’s still more profitable to get 100% working for myself than up to 10% working with Harvard.

And that is why it’s very hard for anyone to find a (good) SEO copywriter. Because the best ones are doing it for themselves.

SEO Copywriting Basics

The basics are simple: find easy-to-rank keywords that have decent amount of traffic but are overlooked by almost everyone and not even the keyword tools can find them. And here is how to find them…

I discovered a method of finding such keywords I didn’t see anyone else talk about. And I turned it into insanely dense SEO learning program you can complete within hours (and use the knowledge forever).

And the number of available keywords in any niche is huge. You just need to know how to find them.

After you find the keywords and learn how to get the traffic then you need to start with copywriting basics.

And there is nothing more basic BUT in the same time more important than the headline.

If you mess up the headline, it doesn’t mater what else you wrote, because no one is going to click on it and no one is going to read it.

So start with the headlines check out this headline copywriting guide.