When choosing SEO keywords the most important thing is to find the least competitive keywords that have reasonably high search traffic. But if you use the keyword tools don’t forget that everyone else is using then as well.

This means if everybody starts to compete for easy keywords, they will stop being easy.

The only easy keywords that no one is trying to compete for are the ones that have very low search volume.

Why would you want low volume keywords?

Because in a lot of cases, keyword tools don’t show an accurate number of searches for lower volume keywords and they can easily be off by 10-30x.

On the other hand, these keywords will stay noncompetitive because no one is willing to write about them for such a low search volume.

But the truth is some of them don’t have low search volume at all.

Not Low Volume After All

And this is your opportunity.

If you can find such keywords then positioning your website on search results pages becomes very easy.

And since you’re reading this, this approach obviously works.

If you want to lerarn more about these keywords, take a look at secret SEO keywords:

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