SEO (search engine optimization) is a process of changing your website’s content in a way that will be more useful to your readers and ranked higher in the search results (for example, Google).

The higher the ranking, more visitors your site will get. Since your site’s main goal is sales, the more visitors means more revenue for your business.

The main factors that influence a website’s ranking performance are SEO keywords.

SEO Benefits

In the world of ever-popular social media, people forget that building your business around SEO is still the best business model. Because it allows you to actually compound your efforts and let them work for you (basically forever).

On the other hand, the moment you stop posting on social media, you lose the traffic. This means even if you’re successful – you still lose.

You cannot stop posting… you cannot take a vacation to relax… you cannot enjoy the fruits of your labor because the labor never stops. Even with millions of followers, the moment you stop creating new content, your business starts to die.

Let’s compare that to SEO…

SEO Is Slow?

SEO has a reputation for being slow, and this is a big advantage. Because this means people will avoid it, and this results in less competition for you and your business.

Also, slow compared to what?

Do you think you can just open a TikTok account and, a week from now, have millions of followers and new customers?

Definitely not!

You will have to constantly work on your profile for months (sometimes years) before you get a significant following.

Do not confuse instant feedback you get through comments or likes with instant results. Social media is just as slow as any other option. But it always tries to lure you in with stories of viral content. But planning to go viral is not far off like planning to win the lottery – it’s not a smart business strategy.

SEO Lifestyle

This is a big one. People rarely seem to take their strategy to its logical conclusion. But what happens if you don’t choose SEO as your traffic strategy?

What happens if, after months or years of work, your TikTok or IG strategy finally starts bringing results as you wanted? Sales start coming in, and your bank account is in better shape than ever. You finally think to yourself – “I need some rest, or I’ll burn out”.

However, you can never stop making videos because the moment you do – you will lose your views, and the algorithm will punish you because it wants constant updates.

What do you do now? Because you just made yourself irreplaceable.

Not to mention what if you get sick or some other family obligations pop up? You can’t afford to lose traction, and you’re stuck and frustrated.

The business that ought to bring you freedom just became worse than any boss.

Now, compare that with SEO…

With SEO, everything you do compounds on itself. That article you wrote 3 months ago keeps ranking better and better as time goes by.

All without ANY additional effort from your side.

SEO doesn’t care that you didn’t write anything for a week or two – it only looks at the content you already have. And as the time goes by, the content ranks better and better (if your content is good and solves your readers’ problems).

This strategy is actually sustainable in the long run. The traffic you get will continue to come even if you don’t publish any new content.

Outsourcing Content

When you create videos, your content is directly tied to you and your face. But anyone can write new words. And that is what I call a real business (instead of a glorified full-time job).

Your business doesn’t have to depend on your constant presence and your content creation. You can use the profits in your business to get others to write content for you. Otherwise, you will not be able to scale your business.

And most importantly, with social media, your business will not provide you with the freedom to travel, allow you to enjoy long vacations, or give any wiggle room for unexpected life events.

So, in my opinion, SEO is a clear winner in this debate.

How To Get Started With SEO?

First, there is a ton of free useful content on this blog. So if you decide to read it – you will learn a lot and learn how to think differently about websites, businesses, and content marketing.

Second, I developed the most unusual cutting-edge strategy for finding keywords that almost no one else can (that will get you website traffic).

In the end, SEO is all about getting visitors to your website. With enough visitors, any sales problem can be solved.

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