Having a side hustle in today’s world is an absolute necessity. You simply cannot allow yourself to depend on any single job anymore because your boss can fire you anytime. And for a successful side hustle, you need clients.

How to get new clients?

In reality, your only job as a side hustler, is to get as many potential customers and clients to your website. Because web traffic can solve ANY problem.

Just think about it… is there any chance you would not have plenty of clients (or sold products) if you could get a million people to your website?

Probability is almost absolute zero.

And this simplifies your job significantly. It means you don’t have a thousand things to do. You have only one. And the formula is simple:

more traffic
more sales
more $$$

Get Web Traffic To Your Side Hustle

One of the best traffic methods, the one I’m using, and the reason you’re here is blogging.

Many people complain about it simply because it doesn’t give instant feedback (even though it does give the fastest results). And in today’s instant gratification world, instant feedback is more important that logic.

Which is great news for anyone who has even a little grain of patience.

You can crush your competition just because you’re able to “suffer” through a slight delay in blogging traffic.

Blog Benefits

But when you compare blog traffic to any other method (and especially social media) you will see it has bunch of advantages:

  • your content grows in value with time (unlike social media)
  • you can post whenever you want (unlike social media)
  • you don’t need fancy video editing and other skills (unlike social media)
  • you can do it in your spare time (unlike social media that feels like having a full time job)

The blog has literally the greatest return on investment in terms of time, effort, and flexibility.

How To Get Traffic

Easiest method is organic search traffic (through SEO).


If you write on random topics you will not get the traffic you desire. You must use the keywords your potential clients are typing into their search bar.

However, if you use the most popular keywords, chances are all your competitors are using them as well. And this means that you will not be able to outcompete everyone.

This will result in zero web traffic for your side hustle.

Easy Keywords

If you use less popular keywords you then have a chance to get some organic traffic after all.

But there’s a catch.

If you use professional keyword tools (some of which cost up to $400 per month) you run into the same problem as before.

Yes, those tools can show you “low” competition keywords, but the problem is everyone who uses these tools can see them as well.

And since everyone is going to try to rank for these “easy” keywords, they will turn them into competitive keywords through their group thinking and acting.

Secret Keywords

But there are some keywords that even the professional keyword tools cannot find. This means no large group of people can see them and start to increase their competitiveness.

And those are the words I prefer to use.

In the end, if you’re here and reading this article – that means this strategy works. And it works because it’s really easy to position your content when there are very few competitors.

If you want to learn more about these secret keywords and drive traffic to your side hustle website, read this SEO book and find out how.