A blog is absolutely the best decision a startup can make. Because startup blog ensures that you get a steady flow of potential customers for free. Startups that see beyond the 3 month window implement this strategy and win.

Unfortunately, what usually happens, startups are in a great rush to grow and they don’t have the time for “slow” methods like a blog.

But then they spend 1-3 years chasing one “quick” solution after another until they finally fail.

Instead, if they chose one of the most powerful marketing methods, they would be successful five times over in that 3 year period.

But it is in human nature to chase short-term solutions and this makes startup blog a great opportunity for you.

Startup Blog Opportunity

Many startups rather focus their efforts on developing their product and coding more and more. But they are focusing on the wrong thing…

I heard a quote sometime that goes along the lines “sales can fix almost every problem”. And it’s true. Because there are very few things more cash cannot solve. In the end, that is the reason why everybody is looking for funding.

But, you don’t need some investor funds to get the money. If you could just get endless stream of potential customers coming to your website for free, all your problems would be solved.

And this is exactly what a blog can do for a startup.

How To Get Web Traffic?

Writing about anything that comes to mind on your blog is not going to work. Because you only get traffic if your blog shows up on search results. And it will not show up on the search results if no one is searching for what you’re writing about.

This means you need to use the keywords (SEO).

But if you use the same keywords as everybody else, then you’re competing with all these other people, startups, and blogs. This makes it impossible again to get any traffic from the search results. Simply because you’re not showing up high enough in the results (or not showing up at all).

Your next option is to use professional keyword tools that cost up to $400 per month. But again, you run into a similar problem…

Suppose a keyword tool says some keyword has a low competition. Other people who also use those keyword tools will see that. And then they’re going to start to compete for that specific keyword. And now this keyword is no longer easy to position/rank your site for.

A Better Way

My approach is to use the keywords that even professional keyword tools cannot find. Which means almost no one is using them (or very few people do). And then ranking and getting traffic for those keywords is easy.

In the end, if you’re reading this, you probably found this site through search results. Which means this approach is definitely working.

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