I must warn you – I will be extremely biased, but I think the best choice someone can make is premium writing.

This is because:

  • You don’t need any special equipment (for example, video, audio, and lighting equipment that costs thousands of dollars)
  • No need for powerful video editing hardware and software (costing additional thousands of dollars)
  • You can do it from anywhere (traveling and working is possible since you aren’t tied to your multi-thousands of dollars studio)
  • All the competition went into short video format in hopes of instant viral success (easier for you to stand out through writing)

And the biggest benefit of them all…

You can use your current knowledge to start this new career.

I know this because that is how I managed to change career from software engineer to something completely new and never had to touch code again.

Second Best Option

I admit – not everyone shares my enthusiasm for premium writing.

But I still like the idea of using your current knowledge to your advantage.

So another option is to directly sell your knowledge through your website.

In order for this to work, you don’t need much…


…you do need all of these 3 things:

  • Traffic to your website
  • Decently written offer (why should someone buy)
  • Product/knowledge that works

Out of these 3 – you already have the last 2:

  • You know the reasons why you pursued the knowledge you currently have (the same reasons will be appealing to other people similar to you)
  • And you have the knowledge anyways (just package it into a book, course, workshop, etc.)

But there is one thing where nearly all businesses break…

Getting Website Traffic

If I didn’t know how to get website traffic, you would not be reading this.

And there are many ways people go about this:

  • Recording videos
  • Spamming on social media
  • Endless commenting until my eyes fall out
  • Etc.

But I don’t like any of them.


Because I’m lazy.

I prefer to set up something once, and I expect it to work forever.

Hence SEO.

I like the idea of writing my articles once and forgetting about them while they continue to work for me forever.

Like a little robot army.

And I also like how as time passes, I get more and more traffic.

This is totally opposite to social media, where you post one moment, and the next, it’s already forgotten.

So you have to keep posting, and posting, and posting…

Thanks – but no thanks.

If you share a similar sentiment, maybe you’ll want to learn more about this method from this SEO book