Programmers that make the most money are the ones that don’t have a job, meaning they aren’t working as programmers. Instead, they have businesses (YouTube, other social media, or blogs).

And out of all business types, blogging is the one that has:

  • Lowest risk
  • Most flexibility
  • You can do it in your spare time
  • No studio equipment required
  • No video editing software required
  • Easy to edit and expand the content afterwards
  • Even if you stop writing, it will continue to generate income
  • Content value increases in time (unlike social media)

Even if you don’t have any product, you can always get paid for referring your readers to someone else’s product.

And basically, to have a successful business, the only thing you need is web traffic. Because the more people see your offer, the more you’ll sell, and the more money you’ll make.

So what type of programmer makes the most money?

The one that can generate the most web traffic.

How To Get The Traffic?

Obviously, you need to write the content. But you can’t do it randomly or whatever comes to your mind. Instead, you need to write about the things people are searching for.

And this is where the keywords come into play.

Low-Hanging Fruit Keywords

This is where everybody starts: using the most popular keywords. This is a recipe for a disaster. Because those are the keywords that have the most competitiors.

And the more competitors there are, the harder it is to win.

So don’t go for the same keywords everybody else is going. Don’t go where the competition is the strongest. Especially, when there is really no need to do so.

Harder To Find Keywords

Part of the solution is to use keywords that are not that competitive. But how can you find them?

Many people use professional keyword tools (some of which cost up to $400 per month).


That will not work as well as you might expect. And the problem is not even with the tools themselves. It’s a logical problem, not technological.

Because all the people that are using these keyword tools are searching for one thing: easy keywords.

And what happens when they find them?

They all start producing the content around these keywords. Which means there are bunch of competitors around these (initially) easy keywords.

But now, with all this new competition, these “easy” keywords quickly become not so easy. And you end up struggling again to get the traffic.

Secret Keywords

But there are some keywords that even professional tools cannot find. With these keywords, the competition is really low. And this makes your content really easy to position on search results pages.

In fact, the only reason you’re reading this blog post is because I’m using this same strategy to get visitors to my website.

So it definitely works.

And if you want to become a type of programmer that can generate the most amount of traffic (and income) then learn how to find these secret keywords using this this SEO book.